Dog Hydrotherapy

Pet hydrotherapy in Telford

Clippers & Dippers Ltd offers canine hydrotherapy services for dogs of all breeds. Call us now to book you appointment. 

Dog hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of treatment where warm water is used to promote muscle relaxation, pain relief, assist joint movements and improve cardiovascular activity. Hydrotherapy may be beneficial to treat growth related problems, arthritis and obesity. We provide dog hydrotherapy services. Our 14-foot wide pool has jets to create a current for the dogs to swim against. Whether your dog is unwell and need rehabilitation or is healthy and just wants a fun swim and exercise, we are here for you. We serve customers in Shropshire. 
dog hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy may be beneficial to treat: 

  • Pre/post-operative conditions
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation (tendon, muscle and joint injuries)
  • Post stroke and pain management
  • Obesity and arthritis/hip dysplasia
  • Growth related problems and geriatric mobilisation
  • Improving staying ability in track and field dogs
We also offer dog grooming, nail clipping and more. 
a dog relaxing after hydrotherapy

Pulsed magnetic field therapy 

We also have a pulsed magnetic field therapy unit, that can be used after the hydrotherapy. This unit facilitates recovery from injury, soothes pain of arthritis and swollen joints and improves mobility. It may help to calm excitable or distressed dogs. 
"Over the last 14 years we have taken 3 and up to 6 of our Rottweiler every Saturday for their 30 minute swims keeping them fit and muscled up thus saving unnecessary vet bills not to mention the excellent help and advice we have received." - 

"We have been taking our dogs swimming at Clippers & Dippers Ltd
 for the last 18 years, initially for therapeutic reasons with our first Labradors and then just for fun with our latest pair. We can thoroughly recommend it. The staff are always very pleasant and helpful and there is always a cup of tea on offer." -
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For pet hydrotherapy in Telford, Shropshire, call us on 
01952 256 811 or  07957 684 460
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